Training Videos

I want this page to be a place for learning and conversation. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, start a conversation, make a comment, or request another topic.

Making Dressage the Foundation to Jumping

A horse should treat a jump like an extension of their natural stride and use their full body of muscle to create the perfect jump. Applying dressage exercises to your flatwork will help to balance your horse, improve adjustability, and create an uphill movement resulting in better quality jumps. 

Inside Turns and Choosing Your Track

When you ride a jumper there are two things you have to think about in order to get the job done. First, you need to make all the inside turns. Second, you need to choose your track wisely in order to be both fast and accurate. 

Listening to Your Horse

Working on our weaknesses, including lateral movement, no stirrup work, balancing after the jumps, pole work, and remaining calm.

Balance and Planning

Showing how your flatwork around the turns and the track you take on your approach can impact the jumps. 


*In addition to topic requests, you can also tell me about your horse and what you’re working on and I can shape the next video accordingly!



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