Oh The Places You’ll Go

This past week was a week of exploration for Simon and me. Our first stop was the Eno River State Park in Durham, NC where my yellow lab got to do one of his favorite things and go for a swim. The park is beautiful though some of the trails are only appropriate for larger dogs with significant endurance. However, it’s great for a short walk to the Eno River where your pups can go for a nice swim.

Walking Through The Woods

Our second stop was Southern Community Park in Carrboro, NC. While there are fewer forest trails to explore, there is a wide open, enclosed, off-leash dog park where you can throw a frisbee or just relax in the shade as your dog plays with whoever else may have ventured out that day. The great thing about this is that the dog park is separated into two enclosures; one for small dogs and one for dogs of all sizes just in case the little guys want their own space to play.

Simon running after a frisbee thrown by the dog owner in the background of the picture
Playing with the Pups